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Brand: Terratrip Model: 202 Plus
  FEATURES: Total distance display up to 999.99 and interval up to 99.99 Speed indication Calibrate for miles or km 5 Digit Calibration Two calibration numbers Manually adjusta..
1 .035RON
Brand: Terratrip Model: 303 Plus
  FEATURES: Total distance display up to 999.99 and interval up to 99.99 Time of day, stopwatch, speed and average speed Time of day display automatically freezes when the stopwatch is stopped making it easy to check rally officia..
1 .295RON
Brand: Terratrip Model: Terratrip display suplimentar
  FEATURES:   2 Versions: 202PLUS/ 303PLUS models or 303 GeoTrip 202, Distance & Speed. No speed if connected to 202 Classic 303, Distance, Speed and Average Speed 303 GeoTrip, Regularity t..
Brand: Terratrip Model: Suport Terratrip
  FEATURES: 2 Versions available: for All 202 and 303 models and 303 GeoTrip Universal fixing Suction cup window mount   Dashboard mount Displ..
Brand: Terratrip Model: Terratrip Telecomanda picior
Terratrip foot remote compatible with all trip masters..
Brand: Terratrip Model: Terratrip Tel. 202
Terratrip 202 Plus remote..
Brand: Terratrip Model: Terratrip Tel.303
Terratrip 303 Plus remote..
Brand: Terratrip Model: senzor electronic
Terratrip electronic sensor..
Brand: Terratrip Model: senzor universal
Terratrip universal sensor..
Brand: Terratrip Model: Terratrip senzor cardan
Terratrip speed senzor..
Brand: Terratrip Model: senzor reductor
Terratrip reductor sensor..
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