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ATV Handlebars

Brand: FASST Model: FL-1003-14-31
Simply put, you will have better racing results, more fun riding or better time exploring with Flexx Handlebars controlling your day. It's been honed, shaped, reviewed, tested and re-tested with the goal of more control with less abuse always in mind. Eliminated maintenance, decreased fricti..
1 .946RON
Brand: FASST Model: FL-1001-14-31
Flexx Handlebars - Quad, Low, 14/31´´Dramatically reduces vibration due to the aluminum (material of the handlebar) to rubber (elastomer) interference. The absorbing action of the Flexx Handlebar results in less abuse transferred to the rider, depleting arm pump and fatigue. By articulating only in ..
1 .946RON
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