About Us

It all starts with you, your needs, your dreams and your ambitions. With the desire to get the best. For you and your loved ones. You can not get to see the stuff done by snapping your fingers. Life is a journey.

With roads as smooth as your palm, but also with others, with bumps and obstacles. Because it was not for nothing when J.F. Kennedy said as "if you find a road without obstacles, that road may not go anywhere." And it's not everything.

There are moments in which you discover that the asphalt is over and in front of you, looking out the horizon, there are unexplored stretches waiting for you. Yes, you can turn around to find a new path on another paved road. Or, on the contrary. Choose the adventure. It will not be simple, because you do not have a map to guide you to the desired destination, fulfillment of dreams and ambitions. But if you equip yourself properly, you will experience unique experiences and you will have the pleasure of opening windows to the world you never dreamed of. I'm not just talking in the wind. The call for adventure brought us in 2008 at such a point. We wanted to bring experiences lived in the middle of nature to another level. But I knew we needed special equipment and accessories. A hard mission that opened our way to the small group of pioneers in the field. A mission we accomplished.

But we were not an exception. In our situation there were many adventure enthusiasts in nature. In off-road. With SUVs. The latest generation or "sacred monsters". With motorcycles and ATVs. The experiences we have had, the people and the producers we've known, have been helpful, and they have been the main ingredients we've used as a foundation for the Best Ride.

We have built over a decade a portfolio of suppliers that today includes over 200 renowned brands in the industry. So, 24 hours a day, seven days a week, throughout the year, adventure enthusiasts have access to more than 30,000 products at a click away. Moreover, the area that Best Ride covers its not only Romania, customers in the region, but also from the furthest corners of Europe, with the English version of the website.

Best Ride is here to help you make the best possible decisions. And it also offers you expertise that we accumulated in domestic and international off-road and rally-raid competitions, testing many of the components and equipment the store offers. Its portfolio of vendors and products will further expand to provide solutions for both passionate and performance athletes.

They also benefit from a selection of the most important information in the field that they are passionate about through 'Blog Best Ride'. In addition, from the beginning of February, they will be part of the Best Ride Club.

An entity that will give them access to special offers, driving courses and off-road experiences, sports career support, whatever the level reached, and the opportunity to get involved in social responsibility projects. And not only because they are preparing a lot of surprises!