All products marketed on BestRide.ro come with invoice and tax receipt. The legal warranty is provided in accordance with the provisions of Law no. 449/2003 updated and OG 21/1992, which transposes into Romanian law Directive 1999/44 / EC and does not limit, ignore or directly or indirectly restrict the legal rights and legitimate interests of the buyer, as provided for by law. In the case of legal entity, the term of the warranty is half that granted to individuals.

The term of the legal warranty of compliance is 24 months from the date of purchase of the product, with the exception of products whose average use is less than 24 months. The settlement term for the deficiencies found is 15 calendar days for individuals under Law 449/2003 (r) from the time of handing over the product to the service unit based on a delivery-receiving report. For legal entities, settlement will take place within a maximum of 25 calendar days.

The warranty term for the marketed products is specified, as appropriate, for categories or products within the BestRide.ro website.Where not specified, the warranty is granted for a maximum of 2 (two) years, as specified by the manufacturer, as follows:

  1. 24 months for parts of origin (EO) / 24 months for average use
  2. 18 months for after-market parts / 18 months average use time
    No warranty on consumable car parts: belts (timing and transmission), filters (oil, air, pollen, fuel), bulbs, windscreen wipers, bellows, spark plugs, gaskets and seals, and fuel materials: car, automotive lubricants, automotive fuel additives, brake fluids, coolants, hydraulic oils;

There is no warranty for products specific to motorsport and tunning to increase technical performance. Products with non-conformities must be in the possession of the vendor's shop for service, confirmation / denial of the defects claimed and application of the warranty. The period of non-use of the product by the consumer for technical reasons not imputable to the user will be prolonged with the term spent in service. If the product spends in service a sum of days that exceeds 10% of the warranty period, the consumer will receive a new product in exchange for the defective product or refund the amount according to the request.

Situations in which warranty is excluded or lost:

  • The piece was not installed in a specialized workshop authorized by RAR;
  • The item has malfunctioned due to incorrect installation or due to installing together with used, defective or modified parts;
  • The item was wrongly chosen or was used for a purpose other than the one specified in the manufacturer's catalog;
  • The item was not correctly identified due to the wrong data being presented by the buyer or by failing to show the vehicle identification number
  • The part has been damaged or damaged due to overuse, incorrect or insufficient maintenance of the vehicle, failure to carry out periodic revisions according to the vehicle manufacturer's recommendations, or the specialist workshop that has carried out the assembly has not set the subsequent checks and adjustments according to the mounting technology or imposed by the manufacturer;
  • The car was used for purposes other than the one provided by the manufacturer or was exploited under inadequate conditions (rallies, sports competitions, taxi, etc.);
  • The car has been damaged or suffered damage caused by external, atmospheric or other factors (thermal, electrical, mechanical shocks);
  • The item show marks of bumps, scratches, bumps, ruptures, deformations;

The ways of securing the guarantee are: maintenance; repair; replacement; contract termination and product refund (in this order). Termination of the contract (return of the product value) is made if is not disproportionate and the other remedies could not be achieved. The warranty is prolonged by the seller with the period of time the product has been in service for repairs.
The consumer must inform the seller of the lack of conformity within 30 days of the date he / she noticed it.
The warranty is valid when the parts are installed in an authorized service by the Romanian Auto Registry (R.A.R).
In order to benefit from the guarantee, it is mandatory to fill in the application for remedy of the deficiencies / return of the product.
The application for warranty claim is available here.
The buyer who claims a defect within the warranty period will present the following documents together with the piece (s) concerned:

  • Acquisition invoice or fiscal receipt issued by S.C. Best Ride S.R.L.
  • Proof of the installation in a repair shop authorized by the Romanian Auto Registry (R.A.R.) for the type of workmanship performed (fiscal invoice and installation bill)
  • The document issued by the authorized repair workshop where the fault is found and the causes of its occurrence are explained, including the tester / diagnosis generated where appropriate. Download model note note
  • Copy of the certificate of registration of the vehicle in question
  • If you send the piece / parts by courier, please let us know in writing at support@BestRide.ro the date you handed the courier and expedition number (AWB).
    The complaint submitted by the buyer will be analyzed and will receive a response within 15 calendar days of receiving of the claimed products at the seller's premises, accompanied by all the documents listed above. The absence of any document may lead to a prolongation sttlement term of the warranty period.

In special cases, when the parties do not reach a consensus on the warranty claim, the parties will send the parts for analysis to a specialist in the field. The results of the analysis will be considered binding for both the seller and the buyer. Costs incurred in conducting the analysis will be supported by the party in fault.
Payment of the shipping for the products sent for the settlement of the warranty will be divided as follows:

  • from client to S.C. Best Ride S.R.L.
  • the payment will be made by the customer;
  • from S.C. Best Ride S.R.L. to the customer - payment will be paid by the seller.