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MALOSSI the brand – 82 years of history.

Our story begins in 1930 when Armando Malossi founded Malossi Cycles and Motorcycles in Bologna, a company dedicated to the construction of bicycles and the repair of motorcycles. Even though they were very difficult years, not even the earthquake, a metre of snow and the economic crisis of 1929 managed to dampen his enthusiasm. That was the year he married Laura Casoni, soon followed by the birth of his first child, Ugo. The historical context was certainly not the best – the Spanish Civil War, the African war, sanctions and then in 1940 the beginning of World War II and the bombing that shortly after began to hit the city of Bologna. In 1943, a bomb destroyed Armando’s workshop and made the house uninhabitable. Far from being discouraged, Armando picked up the equipment that survived the destruction and moved his business to small premises outside the city. The general situation was becoming ever more critical and Armando’s business was having to deal with a world shaken by war. There were only a few bicycles in circulation, spare parts were unavailable, tyres could only be bought on the black market, all the cars and motorbikes still in operation had been requisitioned by the army, and as if that were not enough, there was no fuel any more.

In the spring of 1945, a month before the end of the war, Sandro, the second child, was born. Reconstruction gave new life and new ideas to Armando’s business. Life began to slowly return to normal. At that point everything was being repaired, new bicycles and even some mopeds were being built, and military motorbikes left over from the war and old motorbikes that escaped requisition because they were hidden in cellars and barns were being restored. The motorcycle industry slowly restarted and the first auxiliary motors for bicycles made their appearance. Among the many marques at the time, how can we forget the Garelli Mosquito and the Ducati Cucciolo? Not to mention Moto Guzzi, Gilera and Benelli, historic Italian marques, and all the other major European marques that were reappearing everywhere. In that period of economic hardship unimaginable for those who live in the prosperity of our own times, the prices of these motorcycles were beyond the reach of ordinary people. This led Armando, guided by passion and initiative, to buy two Moto Guzzi 500s and a scooter to rent out.

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