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Dacia Duster 2 engine and gearbox skid plate

Dacia Duster 2 engine and gearbox skid plate
Dacia Duster 2 engine and gearbox skid plate
Dacia Duster 2 engine and gearbox skid plate
Dacia Duster 2 engine and gearbox skid plate
Dacia Duster 2 engine and gearbox skid plate

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  • Availability: In Stock
  • Model: ScutMotorDuster2
  • MPN: BR0019746
  • Make: Dacia
  • Model: Duster
  • Version: 2018 -
  • Year: 2018
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Engine metal skid plate Dacia Duster 2 2018+


For 4x4 all engines

Protects: engine, gearbox

Made of electrostatically painted steel, this skid plate protects your vehicle against the small impediments encountered on the trail (stones, stubs, pits, etc.). The kit is complete, it contains screws, nuts and all accessories for instalation.

The outer part is provided with metal ramming that provides increased impact resistance.

One of the main advantages of a car underbody protection shield is increased resistance to impact with different objects, but also additional protection against dust and mud that could enter the engine bay.

The car shield can be useful can be used for off-road vehicles or street cars to prevent damage to the lower part of a vehicle.

Technical specifications:

It has an opening for the oil sump, so it's removal won't be necessary to change the oil.
Made out of 2 mm thick steel plate.
Screws, nuts, clips, all fastening accessories are included.
All skid plates are powder coated to prevent corrosion.
The exterior of the skid plate is provided with steel reinforcements, which increases the resistance to impact.
The shield complies with the standards of car manufacturers.
No mechanical interventions on the structure of the vehicle are required to secure the skid plate.
Metallic shield available for diesel and gasoline engines, manual or automatic gearbox.

The advantages:

Increased protection against any kind of impact or debris you can come across on the road.
It covers the engine compartment of the car, so the engine is more protected against rocks, dirt, dust or excessive water.
Longer lifespan compared to skid plates made of plastic or fibre glass due to heavy duty construction.


Delivered together with the installation manual that precisely describes the steps needed to be undertaken during mounting.
Every car has factory-made screw holes for fitting the skid plate, making mounting very easy . You can either do it yourself or at any auto-service point.
Fitting your skid plate does not require any mechanical alternations concerning vehicle structure.
Guaranty and handling of the car will not be affected.