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Turkey’s tyre brand: Lassa
The foundations of Lassa, which has now celebrated its 41 st anniversary in the tyre business as Turkey’s leading established brand, were laid back in 1974. Founded by the Sabancı Group of Companies and partners, Lassa was renamed Brisa ten years after starting production in 1978, after becoming a joint venture partner with Japanese giant Bridgestone Corporation,. Today Lassa tyre are produced with Brisa’s latest technology and Research and Development studies.

The world goes round on Lassa tyres
Lassa, continuing its growth day by day in the tyre sector, exports its expertise and experience on the roads in Turkey to the entire world, to mainly European countries, thus contributing to the country’s economy. Produced by Brisa, which has one of the world’s largest factories with its 361.000 m2 surface area, Lassa provides consumers with the quality of Lassa tyre in over 60 countries and through hundreds of distributors.

Lassa is dedicated to top quality.
Lassa, in line with the needs of domestic and international markets, provides products which are approved by independent testing institutions, and whose quality has been certified with many awards. Lassa tyre earned the National Quality Award (1993) and European Quality Grand Prize (1996), and are produced with the concept of quality most suitable endure the roads in Turkey, and are approved by the German certifying institution TÜV SÜD. Lassa tyre are used in confidence by consumers only after reaching the marketplace after passing detailed safety tests.

Lassa tyres are turning for customer satisfaction

One of the main characteristics that make Lassa a leading producer is the perfect service provided to the customers. To combine the best product with the best service is the top priority in Lassa’s corporate philosophy. Today Lassa maintains its status as the fastest and the most reliable brand through the sales and aftersale common services.


Brand: LASSA Model: A21655500LA
Summer Tires LASSA COMPETUS A/T 2 215/65 R16 102 T-up to 190 km/hBrand: CWidth: THeight: NUDiameter: T-pana la 190 km/hModel: 72Vehicle type: TourismWeight Index: 251.25Speed Index: VaraSeason: SummerEfficient Fuel: 21655500Adherence efficiency: 8697322165559Noise (DB): Anvelope Vara LASSA COMPETUS ..
Brand: LASSA Model: A21686000LA
Summer Tires LASSA Competus H/P 235/60 R18 107 W-up to 270 km/hBrand: -Width: WHeight: NUDiameter: W-pana la 270 km/hModel: -Vehicle type: TourismWeight Index: 358.52Speed Index: VaraSeason: SummerEfficient Fuel: 21686000Adherence efficiency: 8697322168604Noise (DB): Anvelope Vara LASSA Competus H/P..
Brand: LASSA Model: A21454100LA
Summer Tires LASSA GREENWAYS 185/65 R15 88 H-up to 210 km/hBrand: -Width: HHeight: NUDiameter: H-pana la 210 km/hModel: -Vehicle type: TourismWeight Index: 150.27Speed Index: VaraSeason: SummerEfficient Fuel: 21454100Adherence efficiency: -Noise (DB): Anvelope Vara LASSA GREENWAYS 185/65 R15 88 H-pa..
Brand: LASSA Model: A21184000LA
Winter Tires LASSA SnoWays ERA 215/65 R15 96 H-up to 210 km/hBrand: -Width: HHeight: NUDiameter: H-pana la 210 km/hModel: -Vehicle type: TourismWeight Index: 320.66Speed Index: IarnaSeason: WinterEfficient Fuel: 21184000Adherence efficiency: -Noise (DB): Anvelope Iarna LASSA SnoWays ERA 215/65 R15 9..
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